Elementary 1 & 2

Elementary 1 (Ages 4 - 6 )

Gabriella Giacopazzi

Elementary 1 Montessori Class Teacher




I am a qualified Montessori teacher and I have graduated from MCI (Montessori Centre International) about three years ago and have been working since then in different Montessori nurseries teaching mainly 2-5 year olds. I am excited to be a part of the Rainbow team and teaching with Miss Sylvia in Elementary 1. I am looking forward to my time here at the junior school.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, reading, dancing and going to the movies. I love taking trips to the theatre to watch all performances however musicals are my favourite.



Girlie Sounthonevichit

Elementary Montessori Classroom Assistant


My name is Miss Girlie and I am a fully qualified Montessori teacher with 12 years of teaching experience. I am originally from the Philippines where I trained to become a Montessori teacher at the O.B. Montessori Centre, Philippines in which I have also worked after my qualification. I have also taught as a Montessori teacher in Jakarta, Indonesia and in Fontainebleau, France prior to moving with my family to London.



     Elementary 2 (Ages 4 - 6 )

Amal M.Irfan

Elementary 2 Montessori Class Teacher


I am an AMI trained Montessori Directress and have worked at a Montessori school in my hometown, Mumbai, India, with underprivileged children for two years before moving to a Montessori school in Shanghai, China, for three years in order to test international waters. While working, I also pursued a Master of Education (ECCE with Montessori Concentration) from the University of Hartford.

As an educator, I believe that no matter where we come from or where we go, our love for children remains constant. I am so thrilled to start my journey at Rainbow Montessori School and look forward to a wonderful time of learning and growing with the children!".




Alexandra Marginean

Elementary 2  Montessori Teacher

Hello, my name is Alexandra.

 I am very happy to be part of the Rainbow Montessori Junior School.

I have studied at the Montessori Centre International and received the Early Years Montessori Educator Diploma in 2017.

I am passionate about working with children and I believe that the Montessori education is much more than a method: It is a philosophy for life.

 I am also interested in sports, music and storytelling.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Miss Alex 😊





Elementary 1

Elementary one is a ground floor split level room facing the front garden and Woodchurch Road. Comprising of the main classroom, dining area and a snug area where the children can read, explore and learn about music. The room is decorated in soft pastel shades, providing a serene atmosphere for children taking their first steps in Rainbow Montessori Junior school.


    • Entry level class acting as a reception class for children coming from the nurseries
    • Lots of familiar materials that the children will know from the nursery but which then extend into further and extended learning
    • Focus on basic skills such as developing reading, formation of written letters and numbers, exposure to cultural subjects including: science, history and geography.  The children use targeted materials which the children have the opportunity to work with independently to develop their self-learning – always guided and assisted by their class teacher.



Elementary 2

Elementary two is located on the ground floor and faces both the front and back garden. A sunny conservatory at the rear incorporates an art and reading area into the classroom. Keeping with the Montessori theme, the room is decorated in soft bright colours and provides the perfect sanctuary for Elementary 2 children to expand their learning.


    • Children continue their development of more sophisticated Montessori learning materials started in the Elementary One Class.
    • They are encouraged to make use of their newly acquired skills, such as reading, to carry out basic research using focused questions and prepared materials.
    • Move through concrete materials and starting to develop a more abstract idea of concepts. This prepares them for working with abstract ideas and learning with a solid practical foundation.