This term our project has been about “London as an Urban Environment and Other Habitats of our Planet Earth”. In the first half of term we focused on ‘London as an Urban Environment’. Our class studied famous London buildings and architecture such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Tower Bridge and even got the chance to design their own clay model of a river, learning all the different parts of the river in the process. Also included in our London theme was discussion of the Olympic and Paralympic Games over the summer. As part of focusing on the History of London we learned all about the Celts and even had the opportunity to bake some delicious Celtic Cakes!!

In the second half of term we have been looking at many other habitats such as rainforest, desert, tundra, rivers and lakes, mountains and the oceans. We have been learning about different animals and plants and how they survive living and growing in different climates.

In Science our class have loved learning about different plants. We looked at many different types of flowers and trees as well as learning about the needs of a plant, photosynthesis and why plants are important for all of us. As part of this topic the children had an outing to Waitrose in order to discover more about the importance of different fruit and vegetables. Students got to see behind the scenes of a big supermarket, buy their own fruits and vegetables, and then enjoy making fruit salad and cooking vegetable soup back at school afterwards! Finally, at the end of November, we will be learning the difference between a coniferous and a deciduous forest on an outing to Hampstead Heath.

In Culture, painting while listening to Antonio Vivaldi’s “4 Seasons” and learning about the four different seasons has been a real success. Throughout the term the children have been very creative and all children are looking forward to inviting their parents towards the end of the term to show them all their lovely artwork.

In December, we are looking forward to doing lots of Christmas baking with Miss Hiroe
and preparing our end of term show!

Miss Sylvia + Miss Simona

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