Dear Elementary 1 Parents,

It has been an eventful and exciting way to start the term!

We have welcomed and bonded with our new classmates and enjoyed working as a team during many group lessons!

The children have shown such enthusiasm in their dance classes so far, demonstrating fabulous listening skills and wonderful moves. 

We have also been exploring a wide range of materials during our creative time, through the use of junk modelling and construction activities.

The children have embraced their new topic this term and enjoyed learning about the physical attributes to the human body. They all showed understanding in naming the parts of the face and listened attentively when being introduced to some of the basic organs. 

They made very sweet self-portraits by using cotton buds instead of paintbrushes, which helped to create more refined features. 

Coming up in the next few weeks, an exciting demonstration of how the digestive system works. 

Learning about our skin and its purpose, exploring muscles and the human skeleton.

We also have the forest school trips to look forward, which have been a great success and an experience the children thoroughly enjoy. 

It has already been a busy few weeks and we look forward to further learning and lots more fun!

Kind regards, 

The Elementary 1 Team 



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