Elementary 1 had a great start to a new term. The children of Elementary 1 loved being visited by the children from the Reception class for different group lessons.


One lesson was about the "beginning of the universe" using a big black scarf we sat under and pretended that we were at the beginning of time when everything was dark and silent. We then were making galaxies, some of them having the shape of a spiral, an oval and others having the shape of the letter "s”. 


Another lesson was about the beginning of life and how everything on planet Earth has evolved over billions of years following the "big bang". We used Montessori's black timeline and the children loved making their own timelines as part of an art activity. We are still in the process of finishing these timelines, currently we are at the point of the story where life evolved in the oceans and soon we will learn about the first animals that evolved on land. It is wonderful to see how interested and engaged the children are.


This term's project is about "animals and habitats" and after revising the names and location of the seven continents we learnt about the Antarctica which is the habitat for penguins. As part of a drama lesson we acted out being penguin mums and dads looking after our penguin chicks. The children loved it!


Over the next few weeks Elementary 1 will travel through many different habitats such as the rainforest, the Savannah, the desert and the ocean, our biggest habitat. The children will also be introduced to small habitats such as parks, ponds and gardens and to micro habitats such as tree logs and rocks where little insects like woodlice live. We will also study food chains and life cycles of animals throughout this term.


There will be lots of art, design technology and drama taking place as part of our afternoon project lesson and I am very much looking forward to sharing this learning journey with the children of Elementary 1 and our Reception class children when they come and visit us.


Kind regards,


Miss Sylvia


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