The children of Elementary 2 were introduced to the animal kingdom. They learned that animals can be either vertebrates or invertebrates, and they enjoyed working with our model skeleton, as well as creating their own skeleton art works. They also made jellyfish, starfish and fish which we attached to our large noticed board to create our own 'underwater life' art display.

Other popular activities this week were working with magnets, money and the 1 to 25 dragon numbers puzzle.

Our sports lesson on Monday was very enjoyable! Some of the children helped to create an obstacle course for the sports session. The children also had a wonderful time in P.E with Mr Sam on Wednesday.

This week we looked at the 'circle painting' by the famous artist called Kandinsky and the children painted their own circles and used them as a starting point to form a group of letters that are made from the same circular movements (o, a, d, etc.).

On Thursday we watched the dissection of a fish carried out by Miss Hiroe. The children had the opportunity to learn about the internal parts of a fish: from intestines to its tiny brain. As part of art the children created beautiful fish prints.

We had a wonderful week and look forward to next week and to our trip to Kentish Town Farm!

Miss Alexandra


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