The Autumn Term is has been very busy and exciting. Our class project is called, ‘The Story of Life on Earth’. We are taking a journey through time to cover the four and a half billion years of Earth’s history. Starting from tiny single celled organisms that first populated earth’s oceans we have discovered how living creatures evolved and then became extinct. The Mesozoic Era has been a great favourite and the children have enjoyed creating a diorama of clay dinosaurs in an imaginary ‘Jurassic Park’.

In September Elementary-2 visited the Science Museum to see a film about the moon landing. The children then brought in interesting information about the 1969 Apollo moon mission along with models of ‘The Eagle’ to share with the class. Our next trip is to the Natural History Museum to participate in an interactive show about the diversity of life on earth.

This term, the class has been working on singing songs along an Indian ‘raga’ theme with Miss Susan and practising Indian-style dancing with Miss Lisa, in preparation for the end-of-year performance. They have also been working with Miss Rebecca on singing together, practising many old and new songs.

Our artwork has been a lot of fun. From a depiction of the Milky Way Galaxy and the earth shrouded in clouds to decorated fish and imaginary birds, the children are engaged creatively and are enjoying their work.

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