Dear Elementary 2 Parents,

The children of Elementary 2 have had such a great start to the Spring Term.

We have explored the simple and advanced parts of the body such as eyes, ears, eyelashes, collarbone, shin, ankle, navel etc. The children had the outline of their body drawn by their classmates. Of course, a special feature last week was the ‘Book of Me’ where we drew our portraits by looking at our reflection in the mirror and also writing a few sentences on things we like. Some children went on to measure their height, some measured the different parts of their body while some others built their knowledge of the parts of the eye and the ear in detail.

Following this, we explored the different organs of our body along with our bones, skin and muscles as well as their functions. Our favourite activities of last week was creating the skeleton from cotton buds as part of art and design and the bone dance accompanying it. All week we have been singing the song

Them bones, them bones, them dancing bones’!

In the coming weeks, we will be looking at ways in which we can take care of our body. We will also be highlighting each sense and its functions. 

So, let’s continue exploring!

Kind regards,

Elementary 2 Team

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