Elementary two is ready for another term of fun and learning !! 
All the new children have settled in very well and it has been a pleasure to observe their interests and curious mind. 
Our project for this term is an adventure through Europe . We will focus on the about galaxies, the planets of our solar system, how life has evolved on planet Earth following the "big bang". We also discussed the first great story in the Montessori curriculum . The children loved performing the family of the sun, and we're very excited to learn about the planets , the many moons , the asteroid belt and other galaxies ! 
The children seemed to enjoy the lesson on clockwise and anti clockwise movements as well to study the planetary movements around the Sun and also as in introduction to the study of the early clocks and time recording devices . 
Next week we will talk about the Otzi Man which was discovered in Europe , giving us a chance to discuss and learn about early human settlements in Europe and around the world 
In Art we have worked on the concept of continental drift , with each child choosing a continent to learn about the layers of the earth and their movements over the centuries . This week we have also worked on the many faces of the sun and taken inspiration from a South  American painter . 
As part of PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) and SMSC Development (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development) Elementary 2 will celebrate and learn about different festivals and celebrations from around the world such as Rosh Hashanah, Al-Hijra, Diwali, Christmas, Guy Fawkes, St. Andrew's Day, World Food Day, United Nations Day, etc. 
We are very excited to host a mini UN session in our class so we can learn more about the country we choose to study . 
In geography , we will focus on maps , topography , climate and habitats of Europe . 
We have two trips planned for this term , with the first one at the British museum to learn more about the European settlements with an emphasis on mount Vesuvius . We are also planning a trip to the lords cricket ground . 
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