Dear Parents,


The Spring Term has started with a big bang!


We have already started learning about the Era timeline and the children have been busy making their era timeline booklets. They have heard the Great Montessori story of how life evolved on Earth and are now creating their own version of it. We all have our own favourite eras and are going to keep actively researching it as part of the morning work cycle.


The children have also started to create their very own indoor garden to begin our botany lessons.Fingers crossed that all our plants will grow!

We would like the children to discover that plants prepared the Earth for human beings. Through the lessons we hope our students will realise that plants are an important part of our eco system.


The children are loving their research on the ‘Baobab Tree of Africa’ and the ‘Rafflesia Arnoldii’ of the Far East.



Miss Mariam & Miss Girlie


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