Fees / Terms and Conditions


Fees stated and Entry Terms on this site are for guidance only. All fees and conditions must be confirmed in writing prior to admittance.

Junior School

School Starts at 8.45am for all classes.

For Elementary 1 & Elementary 2 children school finishes at 3.15pm.

For the Primary & Preparatory children school finishes at 3.30pm.

Registration Fee


Fees from Autumn 2018 -2019*

*Fees are subject to a yearly review. They generally average approx 5% (though this is a guide and may change without notice)


£600.00 (deductible from final term’s fee provided a terms notice received.)

£4244.00  Termly for Elementary 1 & 2, Primary class

£4305.00  Termly for Preparatory class

(Fees include Lunch and French)

Extra Lessons

Extra lessons place during the school day

Guitar 15 mins

Guitar 30 mins





Payment Methods


Sort Code: 20-36-16
Account No: 73267482
Ref: Child's Name

Terms & Conditions / Notice of Withdrawal

Fees are paid on a termly basis before the start of term. Invoices are sent in the final week of the current term for the following term.

 1. I/we agree to pay the sum of £660.00 to be held by the Rainbow Montessori School (RMS). The £660.00 consists of a £60.00 non-refundable registration fee and a £600.00 deposit. The said sum of £600.00 will be deducted from my/our child’s final term’s fees subject to the following:

1.1 The said sum of £600.00 will be repaid to me/us in its entirety unless I/we have failed to give RMS one term’s written notice before removing my/our child from the school.

1.2 If I/we fail to give one term’s written notice, I/we understand that I/we will be liable to pay one term’s fees in lieu of notice and that the said sum of £600.00 will be retained by RMS towards payment of such fees.

2. Any offer of a place is based on and subject to full disclosure by you of all information required on the Registration Form. Any change in the information supplied must be notified in writing to RMS prior to the place being taken up.

3. This agreement is subject to acceptance of and compliance with our School Policies as stated in our Parent Handbook, available on our website. Where a breach of our policies results in the withdrawal of a place, the school will not be held liable including for any fees or costs arising.

4. No verbal indication to or from any member of staff shall constitute a legal agreement between the school and yourselves.

5. Any amendment to terms and conditions above may only be authorised in writing by the Director. Your acceptance of the foregoing conditions constitutes a legal agreement between RMS and yourselves. The terms and conditions above constitutes a legal agreement between Rainbow Montessori School and yourselves both individually and severally