After being introduced to the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates, this week Elementary 1 learnt about fish!
The children loved looking at the inside of a sea bream that Miss Hiroe bought for us from the fish market and even showed a dissection!  The children liked looking at the backbone, the heart which was the shape of a triangle and the lens of one of the eyes. The children were fascinated by how small the brain of the fish was. We also found out about different types of fish, parts of a fish such as fins and gills as well as the inside of a fish.
Of course the children who wanted to were allowed to touch the fish as hands on experiences for children provides great learning experience. All children washed their hands with soap after this exciting session. 
We linked the project to artwork which the children enjoyed as well. Some children enjoyed researching more about fish throughout the week as the afternoon project was linked to our morning work cycle.
We are hoping to have a real pet fish come and visit our school very soon!
Miss Sylvia + Miss Qiao + Miss Kitty + Miss Hiroe
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