As part of PSHE and learning about British Values all classes at the junior school have regular class sessions learning about positive communication, how to be polite, helpful and kind as well as learning and celebrating festivals from different cultures and religions from around the world. These regular sessions include discussions as well as role play and drama activities and encourages the children to interact with each others and people around them in the most positive and kindest possible way.

Additionally to these sessions in the Autumn term an 'Anti-Bullying Week' too place at the junior school. Please see below what each class has covered throughout this week as well as some photos of the different presentations given by each class as part of an all school assembly.

Elementary 1:

The children discussed a five finger challenge which was to come up with five solutions for conflicts! They then followed on to making emotions cards to help express their feelings. The children learnt that words can also hurt us and how to implement positive language. We reviewed the “Stop, Talk and Walk” concept which provided the children with ways to resolve disagreements amongst friends.

Elementary 2:

Spoke to the children about ways in which we can express our feelings if someone hurts us. We discussed three very important words in relation to this: Stop, Talk and Walk. We also spoke about how we have so many friends around us and we should appreciate them. We picked out chits with a friend’s name and made him/her a friendship bracelet and a card using the Montessori Material called Drawing/Metal Inset.


We discussed the concept of ‘Personal Space’ for each person and how it’s important to respect it. We drew a circle around each child and discussed their thoughts. All the children made posters about bullying and we discussed how bullying can be physical and verbal. Additionally we also discussed what bullying means and what can be done when one is affected by that or when one observes bullying happening to somebody else.


As part of PSHE the children have learnt throughout the term about what democracy means, we discussed the importance of equality as part of our Black history Week also learning about Nelson Mandela as well as studying topics such as e-safety and safety in general. As part of the Anti-Bullying Week we discussed what bullying means and different scenarios and how to possible act and react in these scenarios and what one can do if anything like that happens to one of us. The children of Preparatory also looked at different people being involved in bullying and what their roles are such as the so called ring-leader, the reinforcer, the defender, the defender, etc. As part of a performance for the assembly the children acted out a scene and showed different ways of reaction towards bullying and the bully and others involved.



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