The Junior school took part in an "Anti Bullying Week" during which the children were introduced to ways of positive interaction with each other using positive communication. The aim of this week was to create an awareness of the impact of bullying on children’s lives if they don’t tell anyone it’s happening and to empower children and young people to make a noise about bullying – whether it is happening to them or to someone else, face to face or online.

In an age appropriate way each class learnt about how bullying can affect others and what we all can do to stop it.

At the end of the week in a school assembly each class shared with the rest of the school what they have learnt during the "Anti Bullying" week.

The focus for Elem. 1 and Elem. 2 was on positive communication and how mean words can equally hurt someone like actions. The children were fascinated by the "banana experiment". The banana gets poked with a needle like sharp hurtful words. On the outside the banana skin stays yellow (similar to putting on a brave face), but once the banana get peeled it is all brown and damaged and hurt on the inside. This experiment showed the children how important it is to think about what we say to someone and how we say it. 

Primary and Preparatory discussed bullying scenarios and identified the various roles that people play within a bullying incident. We then Reenacted a scenario to the rest of the school which allowed us to discuss what we had learned. All children showed a wonderful sense of empathy with the primary children designing some creative posters with catchy slogans.

The children took part in a drumming workshop.
Each class had their own session and then the whole junior school had a session all together. The idea of this workshop was to end this week with something positive, where children and teachers were listening to each other, finding a rhythm together, co-coordinating with each other and having lots of fun.
It was a fantastic afternoon a big thank you to Friends of Rainbow, our parent teacher association who kindly paid half of this workshop!
Please click at the link below to see a video of the drumming session.
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