Being Safe Week



Reception Class:

During the being safe week the children discussed what to do in a dangerous situation. They were introduced to ‘stop, drop and roll’ – the three steps necessary when dealing with fire on our clothes! The children did a very good job acting out the steps. Miss Kitty, out first aid trainer visited Reception to show the children what to do when they see an injured person. We have also talked about the meaning of the word ‘bullying’ and how to respond to difficult situations as such. Matthew the policeman also came by to say hello and to speak about ‘road safety’ and ‘stranger danger’. The children really enjoyed the visit of Matthew and Miss Kitty. 

Miss Sharon


Elementary 1:

The children of Elementary 1 was visited by Miss Kitty (our first aid trainer) to discuss first aid, looking into how to respond to an emergency, how to call 999, check someone’s pulse, breathing and place them in recovery position. We were lucky to have a presentation with a community police officer called Matthew who discussed “stranger danger” and “road safety” with the children. He was impressed with the information they already knew and how well they listened. After this session at playtime Elementary 1 was inspired to make police signs and at playtime they played policemen and women. It was lovely to see how engaged they were.

Miss Gabriella


Elementary 2:

The children of Elementary 2 went for a trip to Hampstead Heath, learning about road safety and how to stay safe in a public area. We were so excited to meet the community police officer called Matthew, who helped us learn more about ‘stranger danger’ and ‘road safety’. The children were also very engaged in their special first aid workshop with Miss Kitty learning how to put someone into the ‘recovery position’ when needed and how to call 999.

Miss Mariam



The children of Primary/Prep very much enjoyed Miss Kitty’s visit to their class teaching them about first aid. The children learnt how to apply a bandage, put someone into the ‘recovery position’, call an ambulance and check if somebody is breathing or not. The children were very engaged and interested asking many sensible questions. Primary/Prep also liked when Matthew, a local police officer came to visit them talking about “road safety” and “stranger danger”. Again, the children were keen to ask questions and to share their thoughts. A big thank you to Matthew and Miss Kitty for their visit to Rainbow!

Miss Sylvia


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