Primary and Preparatory celebrated Martin Luther King as part of Black History Month in October.

We discussed that he is famous for dedicating his life to work peacefully for racial equality in the USA.

We took the opportunity to interlink this history lesson with British Values 'we respect the culture and beliefs of others' and 'we treat everybody equally'.

After discussing his “I Have a Dream” speech we thought about some of the dreams we have in relation to making the world a more peaceful place.

The children each spoke about their own dreams and continued this as part of their homework. Preparatory presented their ideas to each other as we are regularly practising skills in presentation where we provide feedback to each other.

When both classes were discussing back over their homework we realised that perhaps one dream is all it can take to make a difference when you work hard to help achieve it. Dr King stood by his idea of equality and made a difference.

The children of all classes learnt about the importance of respect, care and equal rights as part of a school assembly when some Primary children presented their homework. Here we discussed Black History Month and equality as a whole school.

A wonderful interest in the story of this inspiring person was shown by all.


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