The children of reception Class sat in a group and watched a short video on the Hajj Festival before attending the Hajj Assembly at Elementary 2. They learnt about the Kaaba, the dress code required during this time of year, and the city Mecca. They really enjoyed learning about it, as well as watching Elem. 2 perform!


Elementary 1:

Elementary 1 were very happy to attend the school assembly presented by Elementary 2 about the festival of Hajj. The children were excited to watch the show and learn about the religion. They took in a lot of information which they were excited to discuss with their peers and class teachers.


Elementary 2:

Elementary 2 presented the festival of Hajj to the school. The children learnt about the religion and how people around the world have different believes. We discussed tolerance and acceptance of people from all walks of life. The children of Elementary 2 passed on ‘Eidee’ (sweeties) to all children at the end of their presentation.



After being introduced to Islam and some important facts of this religion, the children then heard the story of Hajj. The children of Primary very much enjoyed watching the performance of Elementary 2, as part of the school assembly and in the answer and question session that followed the children showed great interest by asking questions and sharing what they had learnt as part of their research in class before the assembly.


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