The Whole Junior school enjoyed our assembly about Rosh Hashanah - Chinese New Year and learning about this festival.
Before the assembly Elementary 2 and Primary/Prep were finding out some interesting facts about Judaism and some of the traditions of Rosh hashanah.
The children were all very keen to share their thoughts and knowledge.
As part of the school assembly all four classes: Reception, Elem. 1, Elem. 2 and Primary/Prep got together and Miss Sharon was telling everyone more about the festival, sliced apples, honey and bread that were prepared by the children of Reception were given out.
The slices of apples and the honey is a symbol for wishing each other a happy, sweet new year and was a real hit among the children, most of them loving the sweet treat!
We are looking forward to learning and celebrating more festivals throughout the term and learning about other religions as well. 
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