In September the children of Preparatory loved learning and preparing for this celebration. They prepared a presentation for the rest of the Junior School explaining to the younger children what Rosh Hashanah is about and why people celebrate Jewish New Year.

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All the children of Preparatory had an important part to play in the preparation for the assembly. Some children were very creative making posters and personal invitations for Miss Rita (Miss Linda's mum) and Mr John who happily attended the assembly following such lovely written invitation cards. Others were busy cutting apples and preparing them with honey (there was also a plate with apple slices without honey). Some of the children gave out these apples at the end of the assembly and wished everyone a happy sweet (that is the purpose of honey) new year. 

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Preparatory enjoyed having the three other classes and teachers visit their classroom for the assembly and sharing with all the children what they have learnt about Rosh Hashanah.


We wish everyone a Happy Jewish New Year!



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