On Friday, 27th January the children of the Junior School enjoyed dressing up for Chinese New Year and many of the children were wearing beautiful Chinese outfits or clothes in the colour red as red is the colour of good luck.

Please see below an overview of some of the things each class has done on that day and some great photos.

We had lots of fun!


Happy Chinese New Year!



The children of Reception very much enjoyed the story of the Chinese New Year!

Last year we celebrated the year of the monkey,and this year we welcomed the year of the rooster.

To refresh the children’s memory we watched a video of the ‘king’s animal race’ and how each year is named after a special animal – by which each holds something unique.

The children then made lanterns, Chinese fans and baked mooncakes with Miss Hiroe, yum!


Elementary 1:

The children of Elementary 1 have explored the story of Chinese New Year, they were very happy to act out this story to the whole school.

They performed very well and remembered their lines and stage positions!

The children made beautiful red lanterns as decorations for Chinese New Year and learnt about some of the traditions through our whole school assembly!



Elementary 2:

This term Elementary 2 has studied and learnt about different civilisations and as part of that the children have learnt the story of the ‘Yellow Emperor and his Wife Leixu’ who according to legend is the founder of silk.

The children acted out a little play for the assembly and seemed to enjoy themselves.

We also painted some red roosters for the year of the rooster.



The children of Primary/Prep very much enjoyed the story about how the twelve animals were chosen for the Chinese Zodiac.

The children loved performing a short play for the three younger classes as part of our school assembly. Each child represented a different animals of the story and the children allocated Miss Sylvia as the role of the Chinese Jade Emperor.

Later that day all children of Primary/Prep made their own Chinese Zodiac as part of art and design.





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