European Day of Languages

In preparation for the European Day of Languages each class learnt a song in a different European language and it was wonderful to listen to the children’s performances at the assembly. Well done everyone! And they all looked fantastic in their outfits as many of them came dressed up for the day! We really enjoyed our special day and the opportunity to appreciate different languages and learning new songs!

Reception Class:

Reception class has learnt a French Song called ‘Petit Escargot’ – which is a song about a snail who enjoys the rain and a slug who gets very cross when it rains because it does not have a shell to cover itself with. The children did a beautiful job at singing and were very charismatic when performing in the assembly!


Elementary 1:

Elementary 1 has been learning an Italian fun song about animals and the noises they make. The song talks about what crocodiles eat and where they live in a fun and different way! The children were very cute when performing it for the school colleagues in the assembly!


Elementary 2:

Elementary 2 has worked on an Italian love song from the 18th century. The children worked on the concepts of ‘Piano’ and ‘Forte’. The children did a great job performing it in front of the other classes as part of the assembly!



The children of Primary/Prep have been working on a traditional children’s song from Austria and Germany about mother who had four children: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Every child chose his/her favourite season and painted a lovely picture that they presented to the rest of the school when performing the song as part of the assembly. They have done a wonderful job!

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