First Aid session with Miss Kitty
On Monday, 4th July Miss Kitty who is a qualified First Aid Trainer for children and adults as well as a Montessori teacher came to visit the junior school to teach the children in an age appropriate way how to react in an emergency and what they can do. This session was very much about enabling children and it was fantastic to see all the children’s interests who asked Miss Kitty many questions and loved practicing on the first aid practice dolls.
Thank you Miss Kitty for great sessions and thank you to Friends of Rainbow who kindly paid for these sessions.
They were very interesting and useful. Please see below some of the topics that have been covered as part of interactive sessions by the different classes as well as lots of photos:
Reception Class, Elementary 1 and Elementary 2:
Elementary 1 and Elementary 2 were split into smaller groups of children and each of these groups as well as Reception class had their own lovely First Aid session. Miss Kitty taught the children CPR and how to check if someone is breathing. The children also learnt how to take care of themselves if ever they find themselves in physical danger. They practiced wrapping bandages and how to call 999 for emergencies. The children really enjoyed this lesson, focused beautifully and were very interested and engaged!
Being the oldest children Primary/Prep had a longer session with Miss Kitty. The children learned how to react if they find a person unconscious: calling for help and putting them into recovery position until someone comes to help. They also learned how resuscitate a person who is not breathing through chest compression. They then learned how to help someone or themselves if they are choking. Miss Kitty also covered with the children how to call an ambulance and what questions they might be asked on the phone. All children showed great interest and were practicing with the first aid practice dolls.
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