Healthy Body Week


Reception had a very busy week balancing the relationship between mind and body! The children had a very active Sports Day and a peaceful yoga morning. We discussed the importance of staying fit and how it affects us. We also played a little game where each child was given a message sent from the brain and acted out what they were asked to do! They had great fun throughout our ‘healthy body’ week!

Miss Sharon


Elementary 1:

Elementary 1 had a fabulous Sports Day, during our ‘healthy body’ week. Throughout this week the children have also had ‘grace & courtesy’ groups about what helps to keep our body fit, what we need to keep bodies strong and what we need to do to keep a healthy body! The children made lovely “healthy body posters”.

Miss Gabriella



Elem. 2:

Elementary 2 participated very well in the Sports Day! As part of the ‘healthy body’ week the children also studied the heart in detail, learning about resting heartbeat as well as our increased heartbeat when we exercise.

Miss Mariam



Being the oldest children of the Junior School Primary/Prep enjoyed leading the four teams at our Sports Day. This day was about supporting and encouraging each other and having lots of fun. I was very proud of all the children, how they guided and nurtured the younger ones, showing their socially competent they are – something so important at a Montessori school.

Well done Primary/prep!

Miss Sylvia


Well done to all the Junior School children!

We are looking forward to next year’s Sports Day!

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