This week Reception went to the Farmers Market in Swiss Cottage. We went on a hunt for fruits and vegetables, as well as looking for specific ingredients for Primary and Prep to cook tempura with, yum! The children have been learning about healthy eating, building an understanding of what makes up a healthy diet. They have also taken a close look at the difference between fruits and vegetables and were given a food diary to complete over the course of a few days. Looking forward to next week!

Miss Sharon


Elem. 1:

This week the school explored “healthy eating”. The children of Elementary 1 revised the healthy food pyramid and how important it is to eat food that helps us to grow, stay fit and be strong. We explored the importance of good table manners and politeness around the lunch table.

Miss Gabriella


Elem. 2:

In Elementary 2 we have been very busy learning about the different food groups and keeping a daily diary of what we eat. We also looked at the digestion system in detail, highlighting the role of teeth. All the children were asked to bring in their toothbrush if they wished to join in with the ‘Lets beat plaque’ brushing activity. On Thursday, the children were busy creating their ‘still life’ art inspired by the French artist Paul Cézanne.

Miss Mariam



The children of Primary/Prep have learnt about the different food groups and keeping a daily diary of what we eat which will continue next week. On Thursday the class enjoyed cooking with Miss Hiroe and making lovely Tempura after the reception class children bought the ingredients the day before.The whole school got to eat the lovely tasting Tempura as an extra dish for lunch. Yummy!

Miss Sylvia




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