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This week the children of Reception Class have been focusing on maintaining a healthy mind! We have done plenty of breathing and body exercises such as yoga, meditation, and Ti Gong. We have also been practicing how to deal with conflictual situations – exploring how positive language brings peace. They did a wonderful job at finding solutions to a given problem. Reception had a great week!

Miss Sharon


 Elem. 1:

This week the children of Elementary 1 have acquired information that will help them gain an understanding into the importance of a “Healthy Mind”. They were lead a session on Ti Gong which shares the importance of controlling your breathing and taught the children how to balance the mind and body. This was an exciting week for Elementary 1!

Miss Gabriella


Elem. 2:

This week Elementary 2 studied the parts of the brain and how positive thoughts keep our brain healthy and happy. Along with their weekly yoga session, they also had a session on Ti Gong which shared the importance of controlling breathing and taught the children how to balance the mind and body.

Miss Mariam 



This week the children of Primary/Prep have painted a wonderful ‘good mood’ painting exploring different colours and patterns. The theme was: What would help you feel better when you are in a bad mood? We had a great discussion about all different things and actions that would help us to be in a good mood which then led to a conversation about which colours would cheer us up. This conversation is reflected in our ‘good mood’ painting that the children really enjoyed working on over a period of a couple of days.We also enjoyed learning some great Ti Gong movements in a special session with Alex (Nathan’s and Dylan’s dad).

Miss Sylvia


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