On Friday, 4th December Monica (mum of Nils from Elem.2) came in to teach all the children of the Junior school about Santa Lucia which is a big celebration in Sweden as well as all around the world.

The children learnt that Santa Lucia was originally born in Italy and why she is so important in Sweden. We found out that many children in Sweden are keen to be Santa Lucia for a day wearing a white dress and carrying candles (electrical candles) on their head, but only girls get to follow this tradition.

We were all very lucky as Monica brought in lovely cinnamon buns, ginger biscuits and oranges and eating them is a traditional part of Santa Lucia celebration. They tasted so yummy... !

A very big thank you to Monica for sharing all of this with us. We had so much fun and learnt a lot! Nils was quite rightly so proud of his mum and her great presentation.

Elementary 1 was so inspired that many children drew their own Santa Lucia in their culture book.

Have a look below their lovely drawings!


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 Image Lucia-13.12.06

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