On Friday, 21st we celebrated Miss Linda day as her birthday is in October.
To honor Miss Linda who was the founder of our Rainbow junior school as well as the three Rainbow nurseries we were all wearing something in pink, Miss Linda's favourite colour.
Once again a very big thank you for your donations for the "Look Good Feel Better"
which was one of Miss Linda's favourite charities.
In an assembly we spoke about Miss Linda, her life and why she is so special to many of us.
The children had the opportunity to share their thoughts of why Rainbow Montessori School is special to them and it was so lovely to hear all the children's comments.
Many would say things like: "I love playing and working with my friends", "I can chose where to sit and work with my friends", "I like that each classroom has a different colour", "I love working with the (Montessori) materials", etc.
I am sure Miss Linda would have loved all the children's positive comments! 
The highlight of the day was a visit to Grange Park where each child and teacher released a pink "My Rainbow for Miss Linda" balloon and it was wonderful to see them float high into the sky.
The balloons were sent on their way with good wishes for Miss Linda.
What was really wonderful was that a few hours later some children spotted one of
our pink balloons floating in the sky over our school garden.
Maybe a message from Miss Linda...! 
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