Nature Days

Throughout the summer term 2016 the children of the junior school enjoyed different special nature days. It was not only a great opportunity for the children do learn about plants and minibeasts and experience and connect with nature, but also have lots of fun.

Reception Class:
Reception Class had a wonderful trip and a great workshop in Kew Gardens. For the other nature day they joined Elementary 1 and attended a workshop learning about minibeasts, different leaves and they loved the pond dipping activity and visiting a “secret garden” which is part of the Hampstead Heath Education Centre. The highlight for many children was their playtime after lunch, running around, hiding behind trees and rolling around in the grass.

Elementary 1:
Elementary 1 had two lovely nature days during the month of June. We were lucky to have one with amazing sunshine! The children went pond dipping in search for mini beasts, they also had the wonderful opportunity to adventure through the “secret garden” (part of the Hampstead Heath Education Centre) turning up logs and leaves to find all different creatures! The children were able to have playtime at the park, it was great to see them enjoy the sunshine and roll around in the grass! The workshops were fantastic, they provided the children with information about lots of different types of leaves and plants to help expand their knowledge and link to our project!

Elementary 2:
Elementary 2 had their nature day at the end of June. We went to Hampstead Heath and attended a workshop about habitats. We learnt about meadows, wetlands and pond habitat. The children had a chance to go ‘pond dipping’ and collect mini beasts. We even found a baby Newt! Some of the children said ‘’It was the best day of their lives.’’ A day in the park on a sunny day usually is fun 🙂

Primary and Prep:
Despite the rain Primary and Preparatory enjoyed a walk around Hampstead Heath. We classified different types of tree and plants. Miss Hiroe used the opportunity to have the children seek some edible plants such as elder flower, fern shoot and sloe gin. We then enjoyed our packed lunches at the café.

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