Firstly, I would just like to say on behalf of all the Preparatory and Primary Class's customers, how much we all enjoyed such a great evening!!!
From the initial greeting at the front door to the atmosphere inside our 'Pop-Up' restaurant, we knew we were in for a treat! With everyone sat, enjoying the ambiance and beverages, and then the food arrived! Again, the kitchen exceeded itself! Compliments to the chefs for preparing and presenting all dishes!
We had not only a lovely choice of dishes but a level of service that had been well prepared and taken seriously by all waiters. A special thanks to Miss. Hiroe for her commitment in making this night happen and inspiring the children.  A special thanks also to Miss. Simona and Miss. Andrea, who gave up their time to help in the kitchen and were very helpful!
Overall great work and efforts to the whole of the Preparatory and Primary class. Even the younger Primary class contributed their support on the upcoming days. They are already our apprentices! It is amazing to watch the discussions and planning that lead up to the evening and finally get to come and watch their efforts succeed! The most nervous moment for the children was having to present their business proposal and progression of it to Mr John. They learned how to present a proposal by using the format of a formal letter and realised how important proof reading and attention to detail is as well as the breakdown of finances.
Overall a great night had by all. Thank you for coming and well done to all the children. I have enjoyed being part of this years Pop Up very much.
Miss Marie
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