Roald Dahl Day

Dear Parents,

Here is an overview of what each class has learnt, on our special Roald Dahl Day and some photos to share some moments of the children celebrating this famous writer.

Reception Class:

The children were introduced to a lovely photo of Roald Dahl, and were given some background information on who he was and what he was famous for.

We had a selection of his books and went through a couple – some which the children recognized.We also played a little game called ‘Fiction and Fact’ where we went through a stack of books and the children were asked to express which books were factual and which ones were fiction, all to support their understanding that Roald Dahl’s books are fictional.

Moreover, due to the length of Roald Dahls books and how some passages may not be child appropriate, Miss Girlie shortened the story of ‘Matilda’ by telling it her own sweet way!

The children loved it!


Elementary 1:

The children had an imaginative drama lesson where they listened to a chapter from Roald Dahl ‘The BFG’ read by Miss Gabriella looking into and focusing on the importance of being kind to one another and not to judge by initial appearances.

This is a topic we shall continue to revisit throughout the term. It was lovely to see how the children took part in a group discussion sharing all their thoughts and ideas.

They really enjoyed our Roald Dahl Day and also showed great interest in learning a little bit about Roald Dahl and his life.


Elementary 2:

Elementary 2 learnt about different authors from around the world and we focused on Roald Dahl, and his 100th birthday celebration.

The children learnt some facts about his life. The children were fascinated by the characters he had introduced to the world. This term we are reading ‘The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me’ to celebrate the author’s work. The children seemed to enjoy this book which included lots of rhymes and little poems in it.

There was also a drama session included in the day when acting out some parts of the book.



After learning about Roald Dahl and some interesting facts about his life the children studied a couple of poems written by this famous writer.

After reading different chapters of ‘Matilda’ throughout the week, at the end of the week in the afternoon we acted out different scenes of this book. The children loved giving the story its own spin and there was lots of laughter and fun. We had lots of ‘funny, crazy’ (how the children described it) characters, including a little dog that gets very excited and likes smelling the flowers to calm himself down.

All these ideas and characters, some from the book and some invented were created by the children.

It has been an absolute cheerful day and it was lovely to see the children’s big smiles on their faces, especially during the drama session.


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