Our Special Science Week was a real success with lots of experiments taking place!
The children loved sharing all of what they studied with their parents at the science fair and we are hoping you all had fun too!
Please see below an overview of some of the topics and experiment each class has covered. And of course there are lots of pictures of our lovely scientists!
Reception Class:
The children of Reception had an amazing science week! 
Our topic was on the four elements, and therefore we explored the relationship between fire, earth, air and water.
We found out that warm water, gravity, and skittles mixed together transformed into a beautiful rainbow! We then looked at how sounds travel through the air via the glass harmonica experiment. With wine glasses, pressure, water and air, we were able to make some lovely music!
The children also had an amazing time digging for fossils and searching for specific shells in the sand - the earth element; the children were palaeontologists for the day!
Finally, we experimented with the fire element and we learnt that without oxygen fire cannot breathe for long.
The children had a fantastic time with their parents at the science fair - sharing their scientific knowledge.
We Cannot wait for the next one!
Miss Sharon
Elementary 1:
Throughout the special science week in Elementary 1 the children explored different lighting effects, light and colour, changing shape and dinosaur fossils. 
They enjoyed creating a rainbow pattern on black paper using water and nail varnish. Their favourite activity was creating a bouncy ball from powder, this was done with PVA powder, the children enjoyed moulding it into a ball and soaking it in water they were very patient in waiting for the delivered product and looked like little scientists!
We very much enjoyed sharing all of that during the science fair morning.
Miss Gabriella
Elementary 2:
The science week was a big hit for the little scientists in Elementary 2. We covered the three states of matter and conducted experiments to understand the molecules in each state. The children saw how water transformed to solid liquid and gas. Our favourite activity was the 'dancing raisins' activity where we saw gas bubbles push the solid up and down! 
At the end the children did a molecule dance with balloons as molecules in the three states which they absolutely loved.
We were very happy to share all of what we have studied at our science fair!
Miss Mariam
The children of Primary/Prep very much enjoyed the special science week. having covered a lot of different science topics throughout the term, during this special week we studied the different kinds of rocks (metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks), how they have been formed and the rock cycle in general.
The children loved making their own booklets of rocks and minerals and finding out about fossils. 
Another highlight of the special science week was to look at reversible and irreversible changes and looking at chemical reactions mixing different liquids and small solids.
Overall the children loved being scientists for a week and were excited to share what they have learnt with their parents at the science fair.
Miss Sylvia






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