On Monday, 20th March our special science week really did
start off with a Big Bang!
The children had a fantastic time which, we are sure you have all already heard so much about!

We were lucky enough to have a fabulous workshop provided by Mother Nature Science Club who came in to demonstrate lots of wonderful experiments to the children.

Each class was able to have a private workshop with them, that consisted of discussing different types of scientists, such as those who explore space!
We then followed on to explore a few different liquids, solids and semi-solids!

The children had a great time making large bubbles, they were in fact quite impressive! Even the teachers, who were cheered on by the children who had a turn!

It was a fun filled day and one of the children's favourites was making slime! They loved being able to put it into pots and take it home! The day was a success and we went on to have a wonderful week and a fantastic science fair, that we hope you all enjoyed.
Please see below many photos we would like to share with you.

Rainbow Montessori Junior School Team





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