Special Recycling Week

Last week (the week of Monday, 27th June) the junior school children had a special “recycling week” in which they learnt about the importance of reducing and recycling materials and how this help our environment. On Friday, 1st July the whole junior school got together in an assembly and each class gave a presentation about what they have learnt and studied throughout this special week. It was great to see how the classes have inspired each other, especially as we will continue to recycle. Here is an overview of what each class has covered and many pictures of our assembly:

Reception Class:

Reception class was focusing on the importance of reusing and recycling materials and in the assembly the children gave a presentation about the process of recycling! They did a lovely act in front of their Rainbow friends. They clearly conveyed how to place materials in the right bins – plastic, cardboard and glass and how these materials are then sent to the recycling centre to be reused. They had lots of fun and really understood the importance of recycling materials.  

Elementary 1:

Elementary 1 have been learning about everyday materials and their properties. The children learnt about where materials such has paper, glass, metal and plastic come from. This linked in nicely with our school topic of recycling. The children learnt about three R’s (of the 6 R’s in total): Recycling, Reducing and Reusing. They took a little trip outside to the front of the school to see which bins we use to put different materials in. At the assembly the children put on a little presentation for the rest of the school with a role play activity about recycling.

Elementary 2:

Throughout the past two terms we have been studying in detail life on earth and how life has evolved over billions of years. As part of this project the children could see how long it took life to evolve on planet earth, how pressures everything is and therefore how important it is to look after our environment. As part of the recycling week the children learnt about the three R’s of Reducing, Recycling and Reusing. The children created a great poster and they presented it to the whole school as part of the assembly.


In addition to the information provided by other classes we presented the final three R’s: Rethink, Repair and Refuse. The Primary/Prep class taught these concepts as they do it best, through drama. All children worked very co-cooperatively to come up with appropriate role play scenarios and the rest of the school very much enjoyed their drama performance.


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