On Friday, 17th March the Junior School celebrated Saint Patrick's Day!
To honor this special occasion most children and teachers wore something green, the traditional colour of St. Patrick's Day.
Throughout the week the children of all four classes have learnt about the life of St. Patrick and why he became the patron saint of Ireland. Many children produced nice art work related to Ireland and St. Patrick throughout the week. The children of Primary/Prep learnt about the famous Limericks (famous "nonsense poems" that originally were invented by a Brit) and they created their own Limericks that they were very proud of.
On Friday all children visited Primary/Prep for an assembly before lunch and the children of Primary/Prep gave a lovely performance about St. Patrick's life starting with when he was a young boy all the way to when he was annnounced to be a saint after his death. The Primary/Prep children also sang a tradition Irish song for their peers. 
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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