On Thursday, 10th December the whole Junior school enjoyed a
"Super Science Day"
that was spent at the Science Museum. 
Each class had their own special session at the museum.
A big thank you to Friends of Rainbow, our parent-teacher association who has financed this great day out!
Elementary 1 loved watching a 3D movie about life in the ocean at the IMAX.
The children were so excited watching the film which was like experiencing an underwater 3D adventure in which fish and other sea creatures were swimming towards them due to the special effects.
Elementary 2 attended a workshop in which the children met an actress portraying Svetlana Savitskaya, the first woman to perform a space walk.
The children heard about her exciting life as a female cosmonaut and found out what it was like to live and work many miles above the Earth.

Primary and Preparatory enjoyed the documentary "Robots in 3D" at the IMAX. This movie showcased the latest developments both successes and failures of robots around the world.

The children could find out what it takes to make a humanoid robot – a robot that can do anything we can but without the benefit of a human brain. Another aspect covered in the film  was how close scientists are to replicate some of the particularly challenging human characteristics (think fingers and toes) and why scientists actually attempt to create humanoids in the first place.

All children showed great interest in this topic.

What a great and interesting "Super Science Day"

We all learnt so much and had lots of fun!

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