Teacher’s Day


In Reception Class Teacher’s Day was a great day for the children to express their understanding on what it is to be a teacher and why it is a rewarding and special profession. We discussed how this age group is a very sensitive stage in their lives; that this is a crucial time to learn how to be kind as an individual, work as a community and expand their curiosity of the world. The children came in dressed as teachers, and were very much in character. They had a great day being teachers for a day!

Miss Sharon


Elementary 1:

It was great to see the children of Elementary 1 dressed up as teachers for the day. They really took on the role and were excited to show work to their teachers and friends. It was a lovely way to explore the role of the teacher and other important jobs and carers. It helped to implement the importance of looking out for our peers, being kind to one another and respecting our friends and their work! What a fabulous day!

Miss Gabriella


Elementary 2:

In Elementary 2 Teachers Day was a special celebration, as many children dressed up as their favourite teachers. The children learnt about special people who help us! Some of the children gave mini presentations to their teachers and seemed to love the responsibility. We had lots of fun!

Miss Mariam



The children in Primary/Prep dressed up as teachers and took great pride in giving their presentations as teachers which they prepared as part of their homework. We had presentations about Bold Eagles, Beagles, dogs in general, Greek gods, the invention of Lego, names written in Greek, the African game ‘knock-knock’, Indian vowels, ice skating, magnets and a Rainbow science experiment. All presentations were fantastic and the children enjoyed their turn of being a teacher. Well done Primary/Prep!

Miss Sylvia



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