For homework the children were asked to research William Shakespeare in honour of the 400th anniversary of his death. As part of our culture work each child had to decide on the main ideas and details that they would like to discuss in assembly.

We designed prompt cards to just bullet point these ideas to gain a confidence in speaking confidently of their knowledge without just reading what they had researched. This was a process which took quite some work but was rewarding as the children seemed confident in their speeches.

We also worked collaboratively to ensure that we were engaging as a group and weren't all sharing the same information or quotations. We concluded with a fun poem which was taken from the witches in Macbeth. Our attention to detail was challenged when we worked on some clever art work on Shakespeare and his globe inspired by a trip Miss Elena had been on. Careful measuring and persistence was required but I think you'll find the result will certainly be hung on your walls at home!

Great work on Shakespeare by all. Apparently a lot of younger children at school have since been discussing Shakespeare with enthusiasm since our assembly!

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