Reception children had a wonderful time in Kidzania. They were truly mesmerised by this little town - created for them to experience different types of jobs, and be an adult for the day.

Reception children were split in to two groups, and off they went on their journey together with one of their teachers.They experienced the life of a firefighter, a paediatric, a maternity nurse and so much more!

They truly had a fantastic time and made a wonderful team together. 

Miss Sharon



Elementary 1:

Elementary 1 had a great trip to Kidzania. They loved being able to explore lots of different jobs and stations within the city.

The children were split into two small groups and each group was accompanied by a teacher. They were able to choose where they would like to go.

Lots of the children were very excited to play the role of policemen, pilots, doctors and construction workers climbing their way through tunnels! Children were happy to meet a real policeman.

It was a wonderful trip, filled with smiling faces!

Miss Gabriella


Elementary 2 and Primary/Prep:

The children of Elementary 2 and Primary/Prep enjoyed the trip to Kidzania for the second time. They worked in pairs, and in small groups exploring the different parts of Kidzania.

Most of the children also spoke to the real pilots, engineers and navy officers learning about their jobs. The children used their Kidzo money to make bank cards and worked hard to earn more Kidzos.

It was great to see how much the children enjoyed experiencing so many different jobs, meeting people carrying out these jobs in real life and asking them questions about their work.

Miss Mariam + Miss Sylvia





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