Today, Friday 10th March we had two groups of Montessori teachers visiting from a Montessori school in Norway.

They were very happy to observe in all four classes and we were so happy to hear their positive feedback about our school. As head teacher I was filled with pride to hear such lovely things about Rainbow, the children and teachers! Here are some of their comments that I would love to share with you:

“You have a wonderful school",

"The children are so focused on their work",

"The children are so engaged in their learning",

"The children and teachers are all so friendly", etc.

A big thank you to our Rainbow children and my colleagues who were so welcoming and made the visit run so smoothly. Some of the older children spoke to the visitors to introduce their class and morning work cycle routine.

Two of the teachers from Norway brought in letters from the children in their class to share with the children from Primary/Prep and we are hoping that next week we can write back to them.

I wish you all a lovely weekend!

Miss Sylvia

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