On Thursday, 2nd March the children of the Junior School enjoyed celebrating World Book Day.


Throughout the school different activities related to World Book Day were happening and many children brought in their favourite book to share with their peers.


Reception Class and Elementary 1 enjoyed reading lots of different stories and a workshop about how to make books with Julie (Nathan and Dylan's mum) linked to the topic of "publishing a book". More about this great workshop will follow in another blog soon- watch this space! 

The children very much enjoyed making their own booklets with lovely writing and drawing's. What a great way of being creative with language! Later that day the children took part in an assembly in which they watched a performance by the children of Primary/Prep.

Please see below more information about this special assembly.


Elementary 2 and Primary/Prep explored a traditional Chinese myth about the story of the stars called "Loawnu mends the sky" and each child chose a part of this story making his/her own beautiful collage for their art work.


The following day Elementary 2 was introduced to the book called "Puff the Magic Dragon". The children learnt about the author Peter Yarrow and how he created the land of "Honalee". The children of Elementary 2 discussed the key characteristics of the different character’s in the book and were keen to make their own dragons. Additionally, the children learnt about the differences between fiction and non-fiction. 


The children of Primary/Prep prepared two short plays that they performed for the rest of the school as part of the World Book Day assembly. The first play was based on the story of "Cinderella", the second play was called "The Frog Prince". Both were turned into comedies and the children directed themselves, organised costumes and props. They were very independent in their preparations, just as one would expect from Montessori children.  Their performances were great and we were all so proud of what they came up with.


Here are a few words from two of the Primary/Prep children:


"Cinderella the comedy started as plain old boring Cinderella. But when Ben came into our group it turned into a comedy which involved selling the special shoe on ebay, a fight between a prince and a man marrying the princess."

(written by Zoe, age 7, almost 8)


"World book day was wonderful. I was one of the directors for one of the mini plays we performed. My group did 'The Frog Prince' as a very good comedy play. It was great being in charge since we organised it just by ourselves. I loved it"

(written by Charlotte, age 10, almost 11)


We all loved watching them!!! 
Miss Sylvia
Head Teacher


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