On Friday, 14th October the children of the junior school celebrated World Food Day and very much enjoyed to dress up as people from around the world. The children looked fantastic in their costumes and traditional clothes!
All children loved the special snack time in which they got to share their food.
It was a great opportunity to try food from different countries from all around the world.
Later that day in an assembly we took the opportunity to say thank you to the farmers who provide us with all our food and to speak about people and children who are less privileged and who don't have enough food to eat.
We also looked at many of the items that were brought in throughout the week to donate to Brent Food Bank and the children were interested to find out more about how a food bank works.
Once again a very big thank you for all your donations!
On the following Monday the children from Primary/Prep visited the Brent Food Bank to bring them all donations.
The children were warmly welcomed by the team that is working there and shown around at the food bank.
They were explained how the Brent Food Bank works and how and who it helps.
The children also had the opportunity to ask questions.
We are hoping that in the future we will have another collection and maybe then another class can drop-off the items and find out more about the food bank and how it works.

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