On Thursday the 22nd of October the Junior school celebrated world food day.

Each class enjoyed our shared snack where we had the opportunity to enjoy some home cooked foods.

Many of which were cultural and traditional foods from around the world.

We also marked this occasion by helping the children understand how those less fortunate than us have to overcome the challenges of poverty and hunger. Each class discussed global and domestic hunger in class and through our whole school assembly.

We learned about how we can take action in our local community by bringing food to the local food bank. Thank you very much to all the families who supported this concept by donating food for Brent Food Bank.

The Preparatory class later visited the food bank as representatives of Rainbow and helped Miss Rita deliver your kind donations. The children had an opportunity to ask relevant questions and see how the food bank works.

A very big thank you to all parents and children for all there donations and for bringing in a shared snack.

We are hoping to have another food collection for the Brent Food bank in near future! food diversity World-food

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