For the play we’ve done a lot of work from blocking (stage positions and movements) to prop making. The first week was mainly the blocking and line learning.

After we perfected that we focused on voice.


The story is set in the Far East and tells the story of a determined young girl Lila, who longs to be a Firework-Maker like her father Lalchand. Lalchand has a stereotypical view of what a daughter should do and Lila wants to prove to him that she is worthy of the job. To do so, she has to undertake a perilous journey to meet the Fire-Fiend. On her way she comes across difficulties such as pirates and has to climb high mountains until finally she is nearly burnt by the Fire-Fiend Razvani.

Just in time she is saved by her friends Chulak and Hamlet who have followed her with some ‘magic water’ from the Gods and Goddesses of The Emerald Lake which, when drunk protects a person from the flames. When she returns from meeting the monster, she hears her father is about to be executed for being involved in the escape of the king’s pet elephant (Hamlet).

The king is persuaded to release Lalchand if Lila wins the firework competition. Lila shows how talented she is by setting up a wonderful firework display, which is acclaimed by everyone and takes first prize. Lalchand is set free and Lila discovers the true secret to being a Firework-Maker.

Lila: Gabrielle (scene 1 & 2)
         Myrsini (scene 3)
         Beth (scene 4 & 5)
Lalchand: Dasha
Chulak: Rio
Hamlet: Mika
Razvani: Oscar and Sebastian
Narrators: Hugo, Mrunmayee, Max, Oscar and Sebastian
Ghosts: Hugo, Mrunmayee, Max
Pirates: Elementary 2
Celebrants of the Elephant procession: Reception
Gods and Goddesses of the Emerald Lake: Elementary 1
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