When the children of Preparatory visited the Brent Food Bank earlier this term to drop-off the food and toiletries that you kindly donated as part of our World Food Day celebration, they had a chance to learn more about how a food bank works.

On this visit the children found out that the food bank was collecting for underprivileged children (who might not get any presents for Christmas), toys that children don't need any more (obviously still in good condition), warm winter clothes for adults and children (including hats, scarves and gloves) and sleeping bags for the homeless.

Hearing this information must have touched the children hearts, because after our visit to the Food bank one of the Preparatory children brought in a few of her toys to donate. This then triggered a whole discussion about what living in poverty and poverty means and what we could do to help. The children then decided that they would like to start a collection of the items listed above and are hoping for all your support and contributions. 

Not only is this a wonderful opportunity for the children to actively do something to help, but also to connect with our local community.

The children of Preparatory even gave up their playtime yesterday to design posters so we can put them up as a reminder. I was so touched buy all their efforts and I am so proud of their caring way! I would like to encourage you all to please be as generous as possible with any donation you would like to make. It is for a great cause and we know that it ends up with people who really need it.


We would kindly ask you to drop-off any donations by next Wednesday morning, 8th December at the Junior School. A very big thank you in advance from Preparatory and myself! Your support is very much appreciated!


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