The children of Primary and Preparatory learnt about Buddha and his life. Last Friday the children of Preparatory gave a presentation to the rest of the school as part of an assembly about the life of Buddha.

Primary has discussed what peace means -peace for the world as well as peace in the classroom. Primary presented what ideas they have come up with the rest of the school in the assembly and it was lovely to hear them talk about how peace for them is linked to looking after each other, caring about each other, being kind and helpful and also looking after nature. 

In the afternoon all children of all four classes were encouraged to write and draw peace messages on paper slips that then were put up in our school peace garden. It was wonderful to see how Elementary 1 and 2 came up with many more great ideas and we now have a colorful peace garden decorated with lots of important peace messages.

This was part of our PSHE (Personal Social Health Education) curriculum and it was nice to get together as a whole school, share and discuss ideas and inspire each other!


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