Dear Junior School Parents,

I would like to remind you about and invite you to some very special events that will happen over the last few weeks of term!






Music Note

On Wednesday, 26th June from 9:15-10:30am our music concert will take place at the Junior School for all children who are learning an instrument at our school.  Parents, grandparents, etc. are very welcome to come to this concert.  If you are attending please try to stay until the end.  Also, could piano and guitar children please make sure to bring their music books on that day.



Our annual sports picnic is an event for the whole family and will take place on Sunday, 30th June on the lawns of  Kenwood House, Hampstead Ln, London NW3 7JR.  Sports races for the children are from 10.30-11.30am with a picnic to be continued from there onwards.



Our Junior School sports week will take place from 1st-4th of July; more info will follow soon…


 Summer Soiree

On Thursday the 4th of July we will have our F.O.R (Friends of Rainbow) parent teacher soiree/BBQ from 7.30pm at the Junior School (adults only).



On Friday the 5th of July the Summer Fair for children and parents from all 4 schools.  It takes place at the Junior School from 2.30-4.30pm.


 End of Term

On Wednesday, 10th July at 2.00pm at Sherriff Road Nursery, we will have our end of term show which involves all children from the Junior School.  Doors open at 1.50pm with the show to start promptly at 2.00pm.  Pick up will be from the same venue straight after the show finishes.

 Report Card

Our last day of term will be on Friday, 12th of July.  The written end of year reports will be given out on that day at pick-up time.


Please check our event calendar on our website for further important dates and events:


I look forward to seeing you at the events!

Kind Regards,

Miss Sylvia

Head Teacher, Rainbow Montessori School

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