As part of the curriculum we deliver on a regular basis PSHE (Personal, Social Health Education) lessons and lessons that are linked to SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) development. These lessons in general are teaching children about respect and tolerance of others, other religions and believes, different cultures and traditions and celebrate London and Rainbow Montessori School as a multicultural city and community.

Additionally to this these lessons each class teacher has regular ‘Grace and Courtesy’ lessons that focus on class and school values and many other topics.

Please see below an overview of some of the topics our two younger classes and our two older classes have been covering throughout the summer term.

Elementary 1 and 2:

Throughout the past term and the past year, Grace and Courtesy lessons have been a very important part of the daily routine in Elementary 2.

We have addressed various issues such as bullying, emotional well-being, how to sit in a group, using our ‘indoor voice’ and ‘walking feet’ in the classroom, meditation and other strategies to deal with anger, expressing our feelings in a positive way thus resolving conflicts peacefully, being kind and respectful to all our classmates irrespective of whether they are our friends or not, respecting every individuals right to personal and physical space etc. These lessons were sometimes proactive and at times reactive to help address issues that we experienced in the classroom.

They were supported through role-play as well as resources such as flash cards, posters and story books. It is always a joy watching our children absorb the lessons and try their best to apply them in their own interactions. We were able to see the children work more harmoniously and we hope that they can carry these values in various set-ups in and outside the school!


Primary and Preparatory:


“We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole universe” (by Maria Montessori). 


It is this thinking that steers our PSHE and ‘Grace and Curtesy’ lessons. This term we have considered our relationships with one another, as well as our relationship with our world.

The children are able to develop a shared consciousness within the cultural confines we have set up in the classroom through these lessons. We have discussed our impact on the environment as part of our ‘World Environment’ week, the message of Buddha, with an overarching theme of peace and kindness in the spirit of the Montessori pedagogy. 

We have spoken about different feelings, how to express ourselves, how to deal with anger and frustration as well as the importance of care and respect for one another. We also discussed personal space and respecting each other’s space, how to ask for help and how to offer help and accepting that at times somebody does not want any help.

Many of our ‘Grace and Curtesy’ and PSHE lessons included discussions and role-play activities. It is important for us to really give children a voice and encourage them to stand up for themselves, speak their mind, but also consider other people’s feelings and think about how to say something to somebody or in a group discussion. These are skills we will continue to work on after the summer break.


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