Last term (Spring Term 2016) from 14th until 18th March we had a special poetry week at school which was a great opportunity for us to look at traditional and modern poetry. Each class has covered different aspects of poetry and at the end of this special week as part of an all school assembly we enjoyed each class’s performance. Here is an overview of some of the things each class has covered throughout this week!


Reception Class

Our lovely Reception class put together a beautiful poetry book! The children were invited to choose a topic and come up with lines that rhyme related to the subject. Each child was then given a page with one of the sentences to trace and were encouraged to make a lovely picture relating to the message. The children conveyed a good level of understanding and demonstrated dedication and care towards their work. Once done, the children were proud to share and recite their work in front of the whole school at the Poetry Assembly.

Great teamwork! 


Elementary 1

The children of Elementary 1 loved looking at rhyming words. The children listened with great enjoyment to many poems throughout the whole week. They acted many out and thought of different actions that would nicely match to the words. The children then learned a poem about the twelve months of the year and of the weather and nature changes throughout the year. In our school assembly Elementary 1 enjoyed performing this poem and they presented their paintings that they have made about this poem.


Elementary 2 

Throughout poetry week Elementary 2 looked at many different poems. On the last day of that week we performed a poem by Richard Edwards ‘Ten tall Oak trees’. The poem was about natural landscape which gradually becomes more urbanised, each stage of the changing landscape was dramatized by the children.

As part of this poem which nicely linked to our spring term project about nature we discussed the impact of weather for example lightning and strong winds.

We linked the poem also to history learning about how the use of trees has changed over time. Oak timber has been used by people for differing purposes throughout history, e.g. for warships, charcoal, barrels, house frames and floorboards. More recently, trees have been removed to make way for motorways, for safety reasons or just convenience.

Primary and Preparatory:Poetry week:

The children of Primary and Prep revised all the elements in poetry and summarised their learning by creating a POETREE as seen on our display boards. They all did a wonderful job reciting their poems during our assembly- individually or in groups.
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