Dear Junior School Parents,

It was lovely to see many of you at our lovely little poetry recital at the end of our Poetry Week.

Some children where a bit shy, but they were very proud to have a lovely audience while they performed beautifully.

Please see below what each class has done throughout Poetry Week.








The children of Primary had an amazing week immersed in poetry activities. It was clear that they had learnt the poems they had chosen to perfection during our presentation. They also enjoyed learning how to write poetry as a whole class and individually. We used many poetic devices throughout the week such as HAIKU, personification, metaphors and poems which involve forming lists such as listing their favourite things (or least favourite things).

This term we linked our poetry with the theme of water when we visited the Royal Festival Hall early October. From this the children shared their knowledge of water through presenting a drama piece last Friday which they had worked on with Miss Kate. Amy from the Museum of Water also visited us and shared her wonderful ideas to make our week extra special.

Well done Primary for all your hard work!


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Ted Hughes and The Iron Giant.

Ted Hughes and his command of language has truly inspired each of the prep children over the last week.

In preparation for the event we looked at the flow of the work, we broke down the text, highlighted the punctuation and imagined a character that we could be for the reading. Before the reading they all pretty much said they had butterflies but after the reading they felt great.

Word, words, words?


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Elem. 2 kick started the week with a trip to West End Lane Bookshop where they listened to some poetry reading and story reading.

Elementary 2 learnt about the use onomatopoeia in poetry. The children had fun looking for words in poems which sound like the action they are describing.

In small groups, the children have written their own poems using onomatopoeia. They were looking forward to reciting their poems on Friday, the last day of Poetry Week. It turned out to be a great success!

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Elementary 1 started their poetry week with a visit to West End Lane Bookshop. The children enjoyed their reading session when the shopkeeper read some lovely animal stories with lots of rhyming words to the children.  Many children really liked the two books written by Lynley Dodd: "Slinky Malinki Catflaps" and "Hairy Maclary".

For the rest of the week the children were very keen on learning more about rhyming words. We listened to and read many different poems. The children seemed to love the poem about "Humpty Dumpty” and another called "Mice". By combining the lines with actions the children very quickly memorized the poems and were able to recite them.

Elementary 1 loved creating rhymes as well as creating poems together with the teachers. The children made up a poem about horses as we were looking at the famous "Whistlejacket" horse painting by George Stubbs. The children made their own great horse painting after being inspired by the picture.  They also created a poem about a tiger after seeing Henri Rousseau's picture with the tiger in the rainforest which is called "Surprised!". 

We are looking forward to seeing the pictures in their real size when we will go on a trip to the National Gallery. And we are also looking forward to continuing working with rhyming words throughout the rest of the term as many children really loved it.

Miss Sylvia was also very touched by the poem the children created together with Miss Kitty as a surprise. It was one of the best surprises ever for Miss Sylvia! Thank you Elementary 1!


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