On Friday, 5th October we celebrated 'World Animal Day' at the Junior School, the children and the teachers had fun dressing up as animals.


In Elementary 1 the children were so excited to show their animal costumes or their teddy bears to each other. The children loved talking about their favourite animals and why animals are important to us for different reasons. Elementary 1 also discussed how to look after animals and protect them. The children of Elementary 1 learnt about the differences between wild animals and domestic animals. One of the highlights on that day for Elementary 1 was baking bread in the shape of a snake!


The children of Elementary 2 also loved dressing up as their favourite animal and the day proved to be a real fun and energetic day. In the morning during group time each child had the opportunity to talk about their costume and why they like this animal. Then the children were invited to draw a little story about their favourite animal and these stories where made into an 'animal day classroom story book'. The best part of the day was when children were playing outside in the garden near the climbing frame and put on a circus show which was their own idea at playtime. It was fantastic to see how much fun the children had.


The children in Primary were very happy and proud of their animal costumes and excited about introducing them to each other. Celebrating this special occasion, the children were learning different animal poems and created their own ones about their favourite animal. Another fun activity Primary enjoyed was making up and creating their own fantasy animal in a funny game as part of art work. Primary also discussed the importance of wildlife and had a little quiz about the different characteristics of animals and the habitat they live in. Primary had a lot of fun during this special day!


    Preparatory also had a wonderful day celebrating all creatures great and small! The children started the day by listening to and writing poems about their favourite animals. This was followed by cuddles throughout the day with our classroom visitors for the day, Ellie and Bella the guinea pigs! Preparatory ended the day with each child giving facts about the animal they had chosen to dress up as for the day and it was great to learn some very interesting things about bumble bees, squids, Pomeranians, snakes, cats, pheasants and many more! What a fun day!


We were excited that the children had so much fun throughout the day, and so had the teachers!

Happy 'World Animal Day'! 

Rainbow Montessori Junior School Team




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