World Environment Week

Last week (4th - 8th June) the Junior School celebrated World Environment Week which ended in a lovely assembly with each class presenting what they have been learning about.

Please see below what each class has studied and learnt about throughout this special week:


Elementary 1:

In Elementary 1 we have been talking about our planet and how we can preserve the environment. The children learned that they can make a big difference by recycling rubbish, picking up litter, using recycling bags, using less paper, walking instead of driving, turning off the lights and taps off.

The children also made posters about what they have been learning and shared their work with the school during the assembly. They were proud of their work and each of the children said a couple of sentences as part of the presentation during the assembly about how we can all help to save our planet.

The children were all so excited to share what they have been learning about!

Miss Elena, Miss Girlie & Miss Sara


Elementary 2:

The children of Elementary 2 have been discussing the environment and ways to take care of the Earth. Our children have learnt about the significance of recycling and the importance of paper. We have also carried out discussions on the harmful effects of plastic and have learnt about ways in which we can avoid the use of it, for example, carrying a reusable shopping bag, avoiding purchasing plastic bottles etc. Our children planted seeds and also made posters to further spread the message. It is remarkable to see how mature our children are in understanding that the environment is of great importance to all of us and each one of us carries a great responsibility towards its care.

Miss Amal & Miss Alexandra



In Primary as part of the science curriculum we have been learning about different materials such as glass, metal, plastic, paper and wood and the properties of these materials. Throughout last week and this week we have been collecting all our non-organic waste from snack time in paper bags and by the end of next week we will recycle as many items as possible and also discuss what of this waste and how it can in future be avoided and reduced.

The children of Primary have been learning about the importance of the ‘3R’ (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle). As the children earlier, this term have learnt about how to write Acrostic poems we together as a class have created our own Acrostic poems about the importance of reducing, reusing an

d recycling and as part of the assembly the children were very proud and excited to present them to the rest of the school.

Miss Sylvia & Miss Lea



Last week Preparatory participated in acknowledging World Environment Week in a number of ways. At the beginning of the week each child was given a brown paper bag to collect their non-organic waste throughout the week, including any paper and packaging they would usually put in the bin. Throughout the week we discussed the difference between non-biodegradable and biodegradable waste, the children thoroughly enjoyed the game where we asked them to guess how long certain items took to decompose, many items took hundreds of years more than their guesses!

All the discussions eventually led to the theme of this year’s world environment week: plastic pollution. For our PSHE lesson we studied the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and looked at how plastic pollution (particularly single-use plastic) is damaging the environment and harming sea animals. We also considered the problem of micro plastics and how, through the food chain, these micro plastics are ending up in humans!

At the end of the week Preparatory prepared a beautiful assembly about “the story of the plastic bag” which the children have written together with one of the teachers. The story was about a bag being blown off the beach into a waste dump at the end of the beach (made with the waste we’d collected throughout the week), eventually this bag was blown into the ocean where a turtle nearly mistook it for a jellyfish. Instead of being eaten by a sea creature it dissolved over many, many years into a micro plastic. Eventually it travels up the food chain from a small fish to a bigger and bigger one. Finally, the plastic bag ends up on our plate in toxic micro plastic form!

The moral of the story being: say no to single-use plastic, always remember your reusable bag!!

We had a highly enjoyable, but equally thought-provoking week in Preparatory and the message of World Environment Week was certainly understood by all.

Miss Emilia & Miss Naveed


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